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Fanny Viallard

aerobatic pilot

French Champion 2021

Passion Led Us Here

Fanny Viallard is a young French aerobatic pilot, born on 16 June 1998 in Domene, France. She obtained her pilot's license at the age of 15 and by the age of 19 she set up her mind to challenge the aerobatic competitions.


In 2021, 2020 and 2019 Fanny distinguished herself with a spectacular First Place at Women's at The French Championships for the National 2, National 1 and Advanced categories. Between 2017 and present she also obtained the Second Place at Coupe Nord, Third Place at Challenge du Sud Ouest, 2 times the Second Place at Coupe des Alpilles and 2 times the Special Prize for the Best Aerobatic Pilot in the Women's category from the region Auverne-Rhone-Alpes.


During only 3 years Fanny climbed through the aerobatic levels Espoir, Promotion, National 2, National 1 and Advanced. Currently Fanny trains for international competitions where she is part of the French National Team.


Saberg is proud to be Fanny's partner in her journey towards the top of aerobatic performance. As a company, Saberg shares the same principles of ambition, talent, motivation and dedication.

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