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Intensive training, extensive agenda

The first detailed training of this year took place at Moulins Aerodrome (Toulon-sur-Allier).

Fanny Viallard, Loic Lovicourt (aerobatic champion and coach) and Jean Louvet (coach) arrived on Sunday 24th of May together with the Extra330sc (F-HSDA) aircraft.

During three days the Team reviewed and practiced multiple figures. Fanny also flew her new free-known program for 2020, in the Advanced level.

The next training is scheduled between June 16 - 19 at the same location.

Fanny's first training with "Groupe France Advanced" is scheduled at Rochefort, between July 6-10 followed by a second week of training with "Groupe France Advanced" from August the 3rd and a third week of training from August the 31th.

Fanny plans to compete at the France Championships (Chateauroux Villers, September 16-20) and Open de France (Salon Eyguieres, October 14-18).


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